Urban Outfitters Increases Conversions With Contextualized In-App Messaging

For millennial-focused retail brands, simply having a mobile strategy isn’t enough. Innovation is expected, as these brands go beyond the basics to attract the attention of a digitally-enabled demographic. Urban Outfitters is no exception. The Philadelphia-based lifestyle retailer began using its customers’ real world behavior … Read More »

QuickChek Drives Store Visits with Targeted Mobile Ads

Convenience store operator QuickChek has stepped up its mobile efforts with a geo-marketing program that keeps the brand engaged with on-the-go mobile shoppers. While QuickCheck’s customers were increasingly becoming mobile-influenced, the 140-plus store chain lacked a dedicated digital marketing team — making it impossible to … Read More »

Harnessing Big Data – Anonymously But Effectively

Big data on consumer can reveal a lot, even when their names are omitted. That concept has been put to the test by an innovative tech company, which has paired up with a chain of convenience stores. Their synergistic efforts have produced a trove of … Read More »