QuickChek Drives Store Visits with Targeted Mobile Ads

Convenience store operator QuickChek has stepped up its mobile efforts with a geo-marketing program that keeps the brand engaged with on-the-go mobile shoppers. While QuickCheck’s customers were increasingly becoming mobile-influenced, the 140-plus store chain lacked a dedicated digital marketing team — making it impossible to … Read More »

Harnessing Big Data – Anonymously But Effectively

Big data on consumer can reveal a lot, even when their names are omitted. That concept has been put to the test by an innovative tech company, which has paired up with a chain of convenience stores. Their synergistic efforts have produced a trove of … Read More »

Buzz or Bust: Predictive Analytics

An enduring factor or a passing fad? We asked some honored laborers in the marketing tech trenches to give us their thoughts on some of the buzzwords (and phrases) of 2016. Anita Gandhi (VP of Consumer Analytics at PlaceIQ): Location data will begin to play … Read More »

Harmelin Media Partners With PlaceIQ On Location Data

Harmelin Media, an independent media agency, on Tuesday said it selected PlaceIQ as its location data and insights provider. PlaceIQ will provide consumer insights using location data to the agency’s clients, which include marketers in the retail, automotive, consumer packaged goods, travel, and financial services … Read More »

[Infographic] Location Intelligence for Travel Brands

Innovative travel brands are stepping forward with location data. The reason is simple: travelers, like most other consumer audiences, continue to be fragmented across devices, channels and physical locations. It’s become critical for travel marketers to carefully align marketing messages with the true customer journey … Read More »