Let’s Get Real with Real-World Movement Data

Imagine you are in an airplane, just a few minutes from touching ground. You have a window seat, and can observe the approaching landscape below; you see a sprawling city that is dotted with buildings, a maze of intersecting roads and crawling with cars. It’s … Read More »

Marketing Beyond the Moment

Most of us are bound by a few centers of gravity: our work, our gym, our school, or our favorite coffee shop. Because we’re constantly popping back and forth between these centers of gravity, they hold great influence on where we shop, where we dine, … Read More »

Visitation Trends Can Help Travel Marketers Reach New Heights

With the holiday season behind us, and winter in full swing, consumers are rapidly booking their spring and summer travel plans. To break through the noise, it will be critical for marketers to leverage the latest and greatest data strategies. After a recent analysis of … Read More »