PIQ Platform

The PlaceIQ technology platform connects the physical world to the massive set of digital signals associated with mobile devices, providing marketers with a unique understanding of consumer activity.  Yielding the purest indicators of real world behaviors, our technology performs 5 trillion computations daily, delivering unparalleled targeting and foot traffic measurement to marketers.

It’s easy to understand the value of actionable location intelligence but is it very complex to create it.  Over the last 5 years, we’ve brought together over 70 data scientists, engineers, sociologist, physicists, cartographers – to build a truly one-of-a-kind platform. A platform that processes and computes space, place and time, rendering the world’s best way of translating human behavior into a useful context for marketing.

The technology of mapping…

Using dozens of geographic data sources covering the entire US, including geological surveys, satellite and aerial images, and specialized point-of-interest databases, we mine, analyze, and organize data to develop a profound understanding of areas — the locations, people, and behaviors that comprise that space.

These are our polygons — the actual outline of a specific place. We build millions of these on a continual basis, delivering the most sophisticated and dynamic representation of the physical world available.  Our comprehensive taxonomy organizes these polygons into several thousand categories, allowing us to identify, update, define, and analyze complex data easily, quickly and accurately.

The technology of movement…

A map can tell you the topography of a space, but imagine the possibilities when people’s physical behavior is actually fused with a map. This critical dimension imbues a location beyond its latitude and longitude:  it allows us to interpret the complex dimensions, categories, day-parts, and behavioral patterns to comprehend how people interact with specific spaces in their daily lives.  The data generated is actual and deterministic – not modeled or projected.

By processing opted-in movement signals for over 100 million devices and attributing each one to a specific latitude/longitude and unique device ID, our platform analyzes how device data moves through time and space. The outcomes?  Creation of highly sophisticated audiences based on historical and “right now” real-world behaviors, along with refined analytics that help marketers drive better marketing decisions.

The technology of trust…

When it comes to movement and location, solid marketing decisions cannot be based on flawed data.  And in this market, data is by no means created equal.  Marketers must be able to discern among the Good, the Bad, and the Fraudulent.

To do so, they rely on our proprietary Darwin software.  With Darwin, our data science heuristics have been automated to naturally select legitimate location data from ad requests and other data sets, allowing easy identification of publishers and networks that have the best quality location data. Darwin selects only the fittest, highest quality lat/long data based on what is possible in true human behavior — rendering the location and movement signals devoid of fraud and inaccuracy.  Read our White Paper to learn more.

The technology of marketing and measurement…

One of our most dramatic developments is the invention of the first-of-its-kind foot traffic metric, Place Visit Rate.  Place Visit Rate elegantly measures real-world behaviors of devices exposed to advertising, making it the single most accurate foot traffic measurement tool in the way it answers the multi-billion dollar question of “are my ads driving people to my stores?”

The technology of integration…

A less obvious aspect of our achievement in marketing technology: connecting our location intelligence to the ecosystem that marketers use every day to interact with their consumers. To make the process of harnessing this intelligence virtually seamless, we have developed APIs and toolsets that allow nearly effortless integration to all standard enterprise business systems and third party consumer data sets, fusing location with all views of consumer behavior.

Using location, businesses can create powerful, accurate connections between mobile consumer behavior data and a myriad of business applications to drive customer acquisition and growth.  PlaceIQ offers this industry-leading technology platform, data, science and people, to seamlessly uncover and deliver the transformative capability of location.

The PlaceIQ platform provides a unique understanding of the physical world and the insightful digital data associated with mobile devices. We are able to represent consumers’ digital activity layered on a map of the physical world as rigorous data science creates invaluable connection points through algorithms that identify patterns across data sets.