The technology of movement

We help marketers understand consumer behavior - or how people move through the real world. With a highly sophisticated and dynamic representation of the physical world, our mapping technology identifies and organizes locations into thousands of categories. Opted-in location signals from over 100 million devices are then processed to create sophisticated audiences based on real-world behaviors.

The technology of measurement

To help marketers measure the effect of advertising on real-world foot traffic, PlaceIQ has developed a first-of-its-kind metric, Place Visit Rate (PVR). This metric measures the real-world behaviors of devices exposed to advertising or marketing, making it the single most accurate foot traffic measurement tool that answers the age-old question, “are my ads driving people to act or visit my location?”

The technology of quality

Location intelligence must rely on the highest quality mobile signals. Yet in an emerging market, bad or fraudulent data continues to be extremely prevalent. PlaceIQ’s data filtering technology, Darwin, makes it easy for marketers to select only the fittest location data, and automatically removes any data that indicates fraud, inaccuracy or non-human movement.

The technology of integration

To seamlessly connect location intelligence data to the ecosystem marketers use everyday, we have developed APIs and toolsets that integrate with all standard enterprise business systems and third party consumer data sets. These standard integrations help marketers put their customers at the center of their marketing strategies by enabling 360-degree views of consumer behavior. In doing so it's possible to identify patterns across data sets and power a myriad of business applications with robust insights to drive customer acquisition and growth.