PlaceIQ builds audiences based on the places people visit—where they are currently and where they’ve been in the past. With nearly a trillion data points from over 40 data sources, including 500,000-plus hand-drawn polygons of consumer locations, we’re committed to helping brands reach audiences at the most relevant touch points. Our polygons for physical retail, travel, entertainment, finance, and dining buildings allow us to target audiences at out-of-home locations. We also match devices to home dwellings, so we can reach audiences based on household data from third-party partners.

PIQ Audiences

Reach audiences with relevant messages based on their out-of-home location histories and demographics. By connecting mobile location data to real-world behavior, we’ve built an arsenal of over 1,000 unique audiences and limitless combinations, ensuring that whether you want to reach a recent Walmart shopper, McDonald's fan, or airport traveler, PIQ Audiences delivers.

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PIQ Audiences Now

Target consumers in real-time, ensuring your message reaches a specific audience at the right place and at the right time, whether they’re waiting in line at the grocery store, checking in for their flight, or watching their favorite TV show. Context can be everything.

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PIQ Purchase

Power Datalogix audience targeting to mobile devices through the lens of location. DLX purchase data is flowed into our tile platform, allowing us to target everyone corresponding to those households. PIQ Purchase extends your reach with Datalogix audience targeting to mobile.

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PIQ Grocery

Target mobile users who buy specific products, brands, or have set purchase behavior. In an industry first, PIQ Grocery combines expansive and granular purchase data from dunnhumby with PlaceIQ’s audience-building platform data to provide the most relevant and effective consumer purchase targeting in mobile.

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PIQ Personas

Reach specific consumer with PIQ Personas. By connecting data points across audiences, we can target avid sports fans based on their viewing, entertainment, and purchasing habits. Or we can reach fashionistas or numerous other personas.  Our unique capability to simultaneously match devices to location histories, to purchase, grocery, and TV viewership data, makes PIQ Personas a powerful targeting tool.

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PIQ PrimeTime

Target mobile devices based on TV viewership through a media-first partnership with Rentrak. Powered by location analytics, we’re bridging mobile advertising and TV set-top-box data. Re-target your TV audiences, measure impact on store visitation, and find out if mobile advertising moves the needle with TV tune-in.

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Enterprise PVR®

Measure the effectiveness of mobile advertising on real-world visitation. PVR®, a patent-pending foot traffic metric, measures offline consumer behavior through observed device movement, at scale, with unprecedented precision, and is now available to anyone across the advertising ecosystem.

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CPG Sales Lift

PlaceIQ and dunnhumby have joined forces to bring together offline purchase data and real-time location data for targeting and measurement. Combined with location analytics, PlaceIQ can track exposed households that go to the store, uncover on real world behaviors of shoppers, and now report on households that either buy or don’t buy the product.

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Auto Sales Measurement

Measure actual vehicles purchased through the users reached by your PlaceIQ mobile campaign. Our partnership with Datalogix enables advertisers to understand their targeting effectiveness, connecting PlaceIQ's understanding of mobile movement with Datalogix's knowledge of registered vehicle purchases.

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TV Tune-In

Accurately measure how a PlaceIQ mobile ad campaign influences TV viewership. This first-of-a-kind partnership with Rentrak delivers a tune-in measurement attributed to mobile advertising so that brands can increase tune-in for a new show, determine which types of audiences are most likely to watch, or re-target from TV campaigns.

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Place Visit Rate (PVR®) is a first-of-a kind metric that measures actual foot traffic at a specific location in such sectors as retail, auto dealership, travel destination, and more. PVR® measures specific behaviors of devices exposed to ads and is not based on models or projections, making it the not only the first but the most accurate foot traffic measurement tool in the industry.

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Consumer Insights Platform

You can tell a lot about someone by the places they visit and frequent. With the proliferation of location-enabled devices, we have a newfound glimpse of the macro consumer journey that comprises, defines, and interprets unique audience segments. When a campaign is activated, our patented platform uncovers unprecedented insights and patterns. From a physical foot traffic metric to audience insights who they are, what they like, and where they go, our analytics offerings are rigorous and effective.

CIP Analytics

With an intuitive and dynamic campaign reporting dashboard, PlaceIQ's Consumer Insights Platform (CIP) gives companies a window into the lives of their existing customer base and prospective audiences. The tool's metrics and analytics can be applied to reassess strategies, refine tactics, and ultimately grow profits.

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CIP Explorer

PlaceIQ's advanced audience exploration goes beyond media to arm businesses with tools to analyze consumers by using movement data of over 100 million devices with our patented location analytics technology. Our platform is constantly optimized as more data is consumed, empowering marketers to understand their audiences like never before. COMING SOON!

CIP Enterprise

Imagine connecting your data to a PlaceIQ SaaS platform for unparalleled CRM integration. We power a new level of analytics and insights based on a wealth of data from your consumers' physical and digital activities. This model for consumer understanding results in better digital media investment and measurement, in addition to a revolutionary new dataset that can be harnessed across your entire organization. COMING SOON!