Super Bowl Spots That Caught Our Eye

On Sunday night, football fans everywhere were looking forward to seeing what advertisers had in store for the highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials. And if you eat, breathe and sleep advertising as we do, you were likely watching the ads through a different lens than … Read More »

Marketers and PlaceIQ Help Fund Five Kickstarter Projects

The holidays are filled with many indulgences – chocolates, good food, gifts, wine – you name it! We’re all for indulgence, but we also love the spirit of giving back. This past holiday season, we set out to give back to something near and dear … Read More »

Transformational CMO Assembly

The Transformation CMO Assembly will bring together North America’s most prominent marketing, technology, and business leaders from all major private and public sector industries. CEOs around the world are anticipating a highly complex marketing environment over the next few years. This makes the CMO more … Read More »

What Should Marketers Do Differently in 2016?

Complacency is not an option in today’s marketplace. Changeable buying behavior, channel and technology proliferation, data profusion—these are just a few of the realities marketers face today that necessitate transformation. Whether it’s improving on marketing strategies that work or taking an entirely new approach, marketers … Read More »