An overview of Mobile Location

“At PlaceIQ, we’re excited at the opportunity location data brings to improve the real-world intelligence behind digital advertising, whilst also elevating the relevance and creative experience for consumers. The unique insights that are being uncovered through using location as an ingredient in the digital mix … Read More »

Why It’s Boom Time for Location Data Sharing

PlaceIQ, a company that uses opt-in mobile app location data to detect when devices are present at specific locations, also announced a partnership last week, with Oracle’s BlueKai Marketplace, which advertisers use to build audiences for ad targeting. Advertisers are increasingly interested in finding likely … Read More »

Cutting through the noise around location accuracy

Location technology is powerful stuff. Movement data reveals audience behavior, allowing brands to better deliver mobile ads, measure advertising, plan billboard campaigns, place new retail stores and understand audience affinities to solve core business challenges. With any evolving technology, the cost of early adoption is … Read More »

One on One: Consumers Moving Across the World, with Duncan McCall

Duncan McCall of PlaceIQ sits down with Kim Davis for an in-depth look at opportunities for more focused, less wasteful marketing in a world which is digital, top-to-bottom. Here’s a link to download the data accuracy report discussed in the podcast. (more)