Location Data Accuracy: The Breakdown

Part one in a three-part blog series that will deep dive into the inner workings of location intelligence to bust myths, reveal truths and unveil how your brand can benefit from tapping into the ever-expanding pool of location-based data. What is location intelligence and how accurate is it … Read More »

LSA : Place Conference

The ascendancy of mobile devices and the merger of online and offline experiences has created new opportunities and new challenges for marketers and brands. The Place Conference is a unique one-day event on cross-platform proximity marketing, indoor experiences and location analytics. Multi-location brands, retailers and … Read More »

The Millennium Alliance: Transformational CMO Assembly

The Millennium Alliance program has been designed for all of our partners, affiliates, and members to once again gather in our unique format to develop new relationships, collaborate with like-minded peers, and learn cutting edge intelligence to take back home and help tackle the biggest business … Read More »