3 Facts That Marketers Should Know About Location Data Accuracy

When it comes to running accurate mobile campaigns or making business decisions based on location data, do you know how accurate your data actually is? Many marketers may not know that there’s a complex relationship between multiple variables that affect location data accuracy, such as … Read More »

Location Accuracy’s Magic Number: 93 Feet

As the use of geofencing and proximity marketing play a more integral part in omnichannel marketing, the level of accuracy that geo-data can provide has been subject to a great deal more scrutiny. Seeking to put the state of location accuracy into proper perspective, geo-data … Read More »

Study: smartphone location only accurate to within 93 feet

Any vendor that says it can tell you exactly where a mobile user is probably not telling the truth. That’s because, without user self-reporting, beacons or other supplemental location technology, mobile device location is accurate to within only about 93 feet. That’s the conclusion of … Read More »

New Research Study Reveals the State of Location Data Accuracy, Finds Average Accuracy for Mobile Devices to be 30 Meters; PlaceIQ Dynamic Distancing Technology Brings Unprecedented Accuracy to Brands and Media Agencies

PlaceIQ Releases Independent, Industry-First Study to Arm Marketers  with Actionable Insights about Location Data NEW YORK CITY – May 25, 2016 – PlaceIQ, the company building a new model of consumer behavior by connecting physical and digital activities across time, space and mobile devices today … Read More »