PlaceIQ’s unparalleled capacity to derive insights about where people go and what they do throughout their daily lives, arms marketers with a multidimensional understanding of who their consumers are when they’re not interacting with the brand. With nearly a trillion data points from over 40 data sources, including our very own hand-drawn outlines of physical locations (polygons). PlaceIQ delivers marketers the real-world context they need to reach and delight the right audiences.

PIQ Audiences
Eager to create a meaningful relationship with your consumers by communicating with them in the right context?

PlaceIQ’s Audiences delivers. We’ve built an arsenal of 1,000+ unique audience profiles with limitless combinations that marketers can use to reach consumers based on the destinations they’ve visited. Our audiences span across retail, dining, auto, entertainment, finance and more. Where a person goes throughout his or her day, tells a fascinating story of who that person is, allowing brands to best determine what kind of messages and timing for highest impact and relationship building.

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PIQ Audiences NOW
Want to reach your consumers at a high impact time in their journey?

PIQ Audiences NOW gives brands the power to reach consumers in real-time. With your target consumers in the right place to be receptive to your message, timing can ensure your brand is top of mind. Our ability to interpret movement data means we can offer a granular understanding of where consumers actually are, allowing brands to reach them while they’re waiting in line at the grocery store, checking in for their flight, or watching their favorite TV shows. Connecting with consumers at a point in time that’s actually relevant to them will not only delight your audience, but foster a deeper connection with your brand.

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PIQ Purchase
With PlaceIQ, tap into Datalogix' powerhouse of audiences.


Our unique ability to interpret how people move through the real world, means that we can understand where mobile devices reside and connect those devices to Datalogix audiences. We’re able to expand unique consumer segments that brands can target, allowing marketers to reach highly specific audiences such as fine jewelry purchasers, Diet Coke drinkers, or Bloomingdale’s shoppers.

PIQ Grocery
In an industry first, PIQ Grocery combines expansive and granular purchase data from 84.51° with PlaceIQ’s real-time location data to provide the most relevant and effective consumer purchase targeting in mobile.


84.51° collects, aggregates, and analyzes purchase data for 95% of all transaction for over 60 million US consumers. By connecting purchase data to mobile devices, PlaceIQ gives brands an unparalleled method for retargeting consumers based on brand or product loyalty. For CPG brands eager to reach their target consumers in meaningful ways, PIQ Grocery gives brands access to purchase specific insights that can be leveraged for highly intelligent mobile targeting.

PIQ Personas
You're not just trying to reach a McDonald's consumer, but want to connect with a lifestyle.

For brands that want to build relationships with specific types of people, PIQ Personas actually builds unique audience profiles based on numerous data touchpoints. We can aggregate a consumer’s dining habits, retail patterns, grocery purchases, auto ownership, TV viewership, just to name a few, in order to create personas that are highly relevant for brands. This unique product, gives brands the ability to learn about and communicate with highly niche customer segments that could mean a high return on brand loyalty.


PIQ PrimeTime
Imagine the power of a high impact cross-channel campaign designed with a deep understanding of consumer behavior.


TV ad spend continues to dominate the media budget. However, as mobile comes to the forefront of marketing plans, the ability to bridge the two mediums means that brands can deliver high impact campaigns across multiple touch points, not only reinforcing the message but also being able to zero in on key consumers during relevant times in their journey. Through a media-first partnership with comScore, PlaceIQ can connect TV viewership with mobile devices through the lens of location, enabling marketers to re-target TV audiences, measure impact on store visitation, an determine if mobile advertising moves the needle with TV tune-in.