What is the value of marketing if you can’t measure the ROI? At PlaceIQ, our data-driven approach means we back up the effectiveness of our targeting by attributing conversions to measurable, statistically relevant real-world behaviours. Whether learning about the actual foot traffic your campaign drove to store locations, understanding sales lift for CPG or auto, or measuring how a mobile ad influenced TV viewership, PlaceIQ has the solution.

Place Visit Rate (PVR®)
People vote with their feet, and we keep track of those feet. PlaceIQ's PVR® is a first-of-a kind metric that measures actual foot traffic driven to physical locations by media campaigns.


Developed by our leading data scientists and engineers, PVR® measures real-world behaviors of devices exposed to ads and is not based on models or projections, making it the not only the first but the most accurate foot traffic measurement tool in the industry. Finally, brands can rely on PVR® to measure the direct effect of advertising on actual consumer actions that result in significant business impact for marketers.


CPG Sales Lift
As a CPG brand marketer, being able to measure how much your mobile campaign moved the needle can mean the difference in how your entire marketing plan is designed.


Finally, PlaceIQ and 84.51° have joined forces to deliver a sales lift metric tied directly to media campaigns, bringing real-time location data and offline purchase data for targeting and measurement. Brands can learn which exposed devices actually went to the store, uncover real world behaviors of shoppers, and measure in-store sales.

Auto Sales Lift
As an auto advertiser, having the power to attribute actual vehicle purchases to mobile campaigns can mean more effective and strategic marketing planning. PlaceIQ and Datalogic Auto have come together to enable marketers to do just that.

PlaceIQ’s granular understanding of mobile movement, combined with Datalogix’s knowledge of registered vehicle purchases enables advertisers to measure how successful a mobile campaign was in driving actual purchases and learn about the types of purchases that were made. These unprecendeted learnings, tied directly to media campaigns means auto brands no longer need to play the guessing game and can truly attribute success of a campaign to real-world results.

TV Tune-in
Reimagining how the small screen can impact the big one, Rentrak and PlaceIQ team up to deliver a first-of-a-kind measurement solution to determine how successfully a mobile ad campaign influences TV viewership.

By purposefully targeting the right audiences on mobile, PlaceIQ enables TV advertisers to connect with consumers in more meaningful contexts to drive brand awareness and increase desired brand actions. Now brands can actually measure the impact in how well they were able to reach their loyal and new audiences to increase viewership to a specific network or TV show. Brands can even learn how many additional minutes viewers spent on the network as a result of the advertising. Take the guesswork out of measuring your ad campaigns.