Analyze and understand the movements and behaviors of your consumers… and your competitors’ consumers. Where do they go? What do they buy? What do they watch on TV? These unique insights can be instrumental in informing your marketing decisions. We’ll even tell you where customers went before turning up at your location. Where traditional media campaigns leave you with a performance report, our campaigns result in actionable insights that drive your future strategy.

See how the demographics and behaviors of your exposed audience compare to your converted audience across a number of categories:


Consumer Insights Platform (CIP)
CIP Analytics revolutionizes end-of-campaign reporting – moving beyond results to give businesses actionable insights about their consumers and prospective audiences.

CIP Analytics arms brands with a detailed audience snapshot through a visually rich post-campaign reporting dashboard. The tool visualizes ad targeting and delivery, demographic and behavioral distinctions between exposed and converted audiences, and presents attribution and measurement for each line item, such as Place Visit Rate (PVR(R), TV Tune-In, and CPG and Auto Sales Lift. The dashboard allows marketers to explore their campaigns with unprecedented detail and interactivity.


With an intuitive and dynamic campaign reporting dashboard, PlaceIQ’s Consumer Insights Platform (CIP) gives companies a window into the lives of their existing customer base and prospective audiences. The tool’s metrics and analytics can be applied to reassess strategies, refine tactics, and ultimately grow profits.