Place Visit Rate (PVR®)

People vote with their feet, we keep track of those feet. Developed by our leading data scientists and engineers, PVR® measures real-world behaviors of devices - anonymous of course - exposed to advertising and is not based on models or projections. It's not only the first but the most accurate foot traffic measurement tool in the industry.

Data Subscription

Since the places we visit help define who we are, PlaceIQ uses location to create and segment audiences. Our Data Subscription service gives brands the power to add the dimension of location to their existing segments or create and reach new ones at scale.

Custom Analytics

Whether planning your next retail site location, transforming your out-of-home strategy, revamping your cross-channel activation, or something new entirely, Custom Analytics will provide the insight you need to make the right decisions. By harnessing the data that consumers create at they move throughout their day, PlaceIQ solves core business problems and uncovers new opportunities for brands.