CRO’s Amazing Ride with PlaceIQ: Stepping Back, but Not Away!

As we start another busy week here at PlaceIQ, I have some personnel news I wanted to share. After a truly amazing stint building out and leading our sales team, Tony Nethercutt, our fearless CRO, will be stepping back from a full-time role.

At the start of Q3, Tony will shift his role to that of CRO Emeritus and continue to be an employee and advisor to the company, while becoming less involved with the day-to-day operations. He will continue to help us recruit talent and advise the sales teams, and, of course, attend our various company events – no doubt with cowbell in hand!

We were very lucky to convince Tony to join us at PlaceIQ, as he was already thinking hard about stepping back before he came aboard. As we all know, Tony has had a truly incredible, hard-charging career with companies such as Yahoo, AdMob, YouTube and others – and has achieved many of the objectives he set out to here at PlaceIQ. He has more than earned the opportunity to slow down a bit and take some time to figure out what’s next for him and his family.

In Tony’s own words:

What an amazing ride I’ve been on with you at PlaceIQ—I couldn’t have made it up if I tried. As Q3 begins, I will shift my role to that of CRO Emeritus at PlaceIQ (there is a funny story about this title…just ask me…and I will tell you). I will continue to be an employee and an advisor to the company, but less involved with the day-to-day. I’ll also continue to help recruit new sales management, regional sellers and advise our sales team (thank you, and everyone else at the company, for 5 straight quarters of exceeding goal… you done yourself proud).

I’m very grateful on so many levels for everything we’ve been able to accomplish together at this company and I plan on giving back—big time. Most who know me know that I could never bring myself to use the “R” word. So I won’t. I’ve said many times in the past that PlaceIQ would be my last stop, but it’s not the end. I’m going to continue to enjoy the best of what we’re building here (thank you Exec team for encouraging me to stay involved), my digital investments and advisory positions, have more direct charity involvement, and also take the opportunity to experience more of “life” in general.

You can all still easily reach me at I may need your help to break me into the next phase of my life—my wife is pretty sure that I’ll struggle without the constant email. 😉 I know that there are many more great things in the future for PlaceIQ and its people – and I’m so honored to have been a part of its growth and thankful that I will continue to be! I’ll be with you at the finish line, wherever and whenever that may be.


We are extremely fortunate to have had Tony’s talents applied here, and we are also very lucky to be in such a strong position as we grow past 115 odd people, continue to beat our revenue targets, and roll out market-defining new products. There’s never an ideal time to step back, but going out on a high note is an incredible place to be!

Remember, Tony is not going away — he will continue to be involved in the company and at our events, where I am confident that he will continue to tear up the dance floor (in pirate garb or not!) and bring his incredible energy and enthusiasm to the proceedings. Still, we will certainly see him less frequently… so I am sure you’ll all join me in ringing the cowbells long and hard and thanking Tony so much for everything he has done for us to date, and will continue to do in the future!