The PlaceIQ Holiday Spectacular

Yes, it's an ice luge...

With the whole team in town plus some close friends, PlaceIQ took to Stash for its holiday festivities last night. Under the rosy glow of the domed checkered ceiling of an unassuming little speakeasy, deep down in the heart of Manhattan, a lot was happening. The night began innocently enough with some light Coltrane, a few premium beverages, some laughs, and good company. Before long, the 3D photo booth was in full swing, printing the faces of some of the finest digital advertising minds in the industry; the ice luge was flowing with spirits of all colors; the music was thumping; and the awkward dancing suddenly didn’t feel so awkward. In the end we were left with a large puddle of melted ice, some plastic head pen-toppers, and of course, our dignity.

Cheers, to a great 2012!

…and some more photos

Checking out the 3D photo booth under the dome

Getting there…

Therran, Drew and Niladri, keeping it classy!

Getting closer…

3D photo booth and printing curtesy of ShapeShot

Boom…Mt. RushmoreIQ!