The Weather Channel and PlaceIQ Partner on Mobile Location Sales Partnership

In partnering with PlaceIQ, The Weather Channel became the first publisher to launch a ground-breaking mobile audience ad targeting solution, which can target down to a city block. High-profile launch sponsors include Chevy Silverado, Frito-Lay, and Ram Trucks.

The Weather Channel Companies (TWCC) announced today it will be the first publisher to partner with hyperlocal data company PlaceIQ to provide advertisers with groundbreaking new hyperlocal audience targeting that can deliver highly contextually relevant ads to consumers at the right place and time. With 30 million monthly mobile users, The Weather Channel is one of the few publishers with a large enough mobile audience to offer true hyperlocal audience targeting at scale. This targeting is now available on The Weather Channel iPhone App and will be rolling out on The Weather Channel Android App in July and all mobile platforms later this year.

The product is launching with a number of high profile advertisers, including Chevy Silverado, Frito-Lay, and the Ram Truck brand, among others.

“Consumers expect to receive the most accurate local weather news and information when they use The Weather Channel mobile products, which gives us the opportunity – and our advertisers the advantage – to deliver messages highly targeted to their location that will feel completely organic to their user experience,” said Patrick McCormack, vice president, mobile sales and strategy, The Weather Channel Companies. “We feel strongly that our premium content and ability to target a specific mobile audience provides an unparalleled ad solution to our advertising clients.”

PlaceIQ extracts intelligence from large amounts of place, social and mobile location-based data to create hyperlocal, targetable audience profiles informed by time of day as well as location, giving advertisers the power to connect with consumers at the right place, at the right time, with the right message. These anonymous audience profiles can provide powerful targeting opportunities for advertisers. For example, financial services clients can target ads to mobile phones in areas with a high propensity for business travelers such as airports during peak commuting hours, or in areas with a high concentration of hotels in the morning or evening that score high for business travelers. A QSR can serve an ad on The Weather Channel app during lunch on mobile phones on certain blocks populated with office workers, or serve an ad targeting late-night diners in an area that has a high concentration of nightlife and social activity. To view a video explaining the product, click here:

This new targeting offers several advantages for advertisers. First, a recent Internet2Go study confirmed that, despite claims of ZIP code or latitudinal-longitudinal targeting capabilities, most mobile ad networks can’t deliver local impressions more focused than the Designated Market Area (DMA) or city level.** In fact, only about 5% to 10% of mobile display impressions carry a lat-long today.*** By contrast, The Weather Channel Mobile provides advertisers with a  100% hyperlocal inventory.

Another key advantage of PlaceIQ‘s hyperlocal solution is that it’s inherently privacy friendly, as it profiles locations – not users – through analysis of anonymous location data. There is no identification of individual users, or any usage of personally identifiable information. Data is accumulated through place, event and social information, as well as digital behavior associated with each location.

“The combination of PlaceIQ‘s hyperlocal audience targeting, with The Weather Channel’s tremendous reach and ability to transform hyperlocal impressions into specific audiences, is an extremely powerful one. The combination of weather, location and audience creates a set of offerings we think represent true innovation in mobile advertising, and we’re extremely excited to partner with The Weather Channel to deliver this to market,” said Duncan McCall, CEO and co-founder, PlaceIQ.

About The Weather Channel Companies
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