Jumptap and PlaceIQ announce partnership

Jumptap and PlaceIQ announce hyper local partnership.

CAMBRIDGE, MA and NEW YORK, NY. February 21, 2012 – Jumptap, the leader in targeted mobile advertising, and PlaceIQ a hyper local audience company, today announced a partnership centered around hyper-local audience targeting.

PlaceIQ transforms ‘location into context’ by ingesting large amounts of unstructured, unrelated, anonymous location-based data types such as photos, place, event, digital, social and more. After cleansing and normalizing vast amounts of data, PlaceIQ then extracts patterns, trends, intelligence and context. The resulting hyper-local ‘location profiles’ (down to a city block) suggest the likely context and behavior of an anonymous user, or device. When coupled with time and location, these anonymous profiles can provide powerful targeting opportunities.

The Jumptap-PlaceIQ offering will make it easier for advertisers to reach precise grids that are most likely to contain people at work, luxury shoppers, tourists, students, travelers, and more. This approach is privacy-friendly, as PlaceIQ profiles locations not users, and no personally identifiable information is gathered, stored or used. As smartphones proliferate, retailers are recognizing the power of location awareness to drive foot traffic and in-store behaviors. The Jumptap-PlaceIQ partnership is squarely aimed at delivering on this promise for retailers.

To further strengthen Jumptap’s position with retail advertisers and brands, the company appointed Matthew Mulderink as Director of Retail. “Jumptap’s retail business experienced explosive growth in 2011, and retailers who leveraged our unique third-party data to target specific audience segments during the holiday season saw significant performance uplift,” said Todd Anderman, Chief Media and Revenue Officer, Jumptap. “Matthew’s retail expertise combined with our retail insights, existing third-party data relationships, and the addition of PlaceIQ’s hyper-location data will help our retail partners further integrate targeted mobile advertising into their overall media mix and increase sales.

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