PlaceIQ's advanced understanding of dynamic consumer behavior empowers brands to revolutionize the customer experience.
Media Solutions
Leading the industry in location aware media targeting and measurement.

Mobile devices are at the center of our lives. PlaceIQ’s proprietary platform taps into the powerful location and movement data generated by these devices. By leveraging dynamic creative to reach unique audiences, brands are able to understand consumers and reach them at the right times with relevant messages, and measuring resulting actions through our first-of-its-kind foot traffic measurement.

  • 1002-Targeting
    Reach consumers at scale. Relevant messages that resonate at the right time and place.
  • 1003-Measurement
    Accurately measure the impact of your campaigns. Did your marketing actually work? Find out.
  • 1004-Analytics
    Our rigorous analytics means marketers are left with unprecedented consumer insights that will inform future campaigns.
  • 1005-Creative
    Our in-house creative team designs to perfection. Leverage dynamic creative to drive even better results.
Enterprise Solutions
Customized for you.
PlaceIQ is advancing the field of consumer understanding. Together, we can revolutionize the way your business is planned, customers are reached, and ROI is measured.

Our enterprise offering provides innovative solutions in audience understanding, real-world measurement, custom analytics and CRM enhancement. We work directly with brands, agencies, and data partners to arm marketers with unprecedented insights to drive customer centric business strategies.

PlaceIQ + Alibaba Group

announce strategic partnership with a landmark deal that combines investment + technology

Our Story
From a ski lift conversation and a shared kitchen table to offices in Silicon Valley, Chicago, Detroit and overlooking NYC's iconic Bryant Park, how did PlaceIQ become THE name in location and movement data?
Well, a number of years ago in Western Sahara…